MONACO is a unique collection of luxury perfumes based on natural ingredients.

MONACO is now in need of additional human and financial resources in order to realize it’s vision:

to become the niche brand leader of a new well-being fine fragrance category within the luxury spas and wellness stores.

MONACO is uniquely praised by press, global fragrance and glossy magazines. Customer reviews also are very enthusiastic.

A convincing proof of concept has been carried out a few years ago in two test markets.

Now MONACO proposes 3 perfume collections, each with a clear market positioning, sold through different distribution channels. Sales are increasing steadily.

Due to a strategic decision to focus on distribution through luxury spas and wellness stores, additional funding is needed in order to :

  • open flagship stores;
  • redesign the website;
  • increase the product range.

Investors should share the vision of MONACO, should be able to bring in 3-5 M € funding and ideally give access to new distribution channels.

They are offered :

  •  immediate access to the existing product range and well positioned brand in the luxury sector;
  • possibility to contribute to the strategy and participate in management team;
  • an attractive return on investment.